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The term energy saving means getting the same results with less consumption of energy. The saving of energy is necessary for every business and individual that requires reduction in their costs.

With a complete study from our engineers, you can see how much money can be saved in a year as a result of minor changes.

When it comes to saving energy, time is money, so contact us without delay.

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We offer the study, design and fitting of solar power systems to produce electricity. The electricity produced can be consumed through net metering, autonomously or sold directly to the Public Power Corporation (ΔΕΗ). By making the most of the sun we can have free electricity for at least 25 years.

Our qualified engineers have great experience in the field of solar power systems and can therefore recommend the best solution to suit your needs.

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We offer the study, design and fitting of wind turbine systems to produce electricity. A wind turbine system can cover the energy needs of a house making it self sufficient. In addition, by building a wind farm electricity can be generated to sell.

Our experience gives us the ability to not only present a detailed description for every investment but also to design a suitable investment solution tailored to your needs and carry out the project from the start to finish.

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Our engineers are in the position to take on all the licensing process and the installation of biomass or biogas electricity generation systems. Biomass systems are the best way to utilize vegetal , animal and timber products, leftovers, as well as sewage and litter. With such systems we can manage to produce electricity and warm water for private use or to be sold.

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The high technology of LED lighting guarantees an energy saving of up to 90% while also offering excellent visual results. LED lighting offers the opportunity to create an excellent atmosphere in both personal spaces and businesses while reducing electricity bills and avoiding health hazards through radiation.

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Εάν αναζητάτε την βέλτιστη λύση για θέρμανση και δροσισμό, η λύση είναι μία. Αντλία θερμότητας χαμηλών θερμοκρασιών για την μέγιστη εξοικονόμηση κόστους θέρμανσης έως και 80% σε σχέση με το πετρέλαιο και ταυτόχρονα δροσισμό το καλοκαίρι. Αποτελεί την πλέον ενδεδειγμένη λύση για αυτονόμηση θέρμανσης στα διαμερίσματα & πραγματική οικονομία. Επίσης, συνδυάζεται εύκολα, με παράλληλη τοποθέτηση με τον υφιστάμενο καυστήρα σας ενώ μπορεί να σας παράγει και ζεστό νερό χρήσης.

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Our energy performance inspector engineers are certified to issue an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for any use. This certificate is a necessary official document which states the energy performance of a building. In addition it is accompanied by recommendations for improvement interventions for the energy performance upgrade of the building.

An EPC is essential for the leasing or selling of a building and can be issued by our engineers in the shortest time possible at minimal cost.

Our electrical engineers are able to perform studies and plan the electrical installations for internal and external spaces with the aim of offering the best and most modern solutions while strictly following Greek legislation and ELOT Directives.

Our engineers are at our clients’ disposal to provide them with a study showing the optimum solution for any electromechanical project they desire.

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Every electrical installation must be inspected at regular intervals predetermined by Greek legislation, in order to ensure the safety of users and equipment. The accreditation of a certified electrician is also needed when an increase of power supply of an accommodation is desired, as well as when changes need to be made, either of the ownership of the line or of the electrical network of the accommodation. This in turn is going to be passed to HEDNO for assessment and certification.

Our certified electrical engineers can take care of the necessary inspection of your building and issue a certificate in the minimum time possible

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Our fully qualified Electrical Engineers are capable of devising the study and planning of internal as well as external electrical installations. They can provide our clients with the best available solutions by utilization of the most modern designing methods, while keeping within the boundaries of Greek legislation and ELOT directives.

Our engineers are at our clients’ disposal to provide them with the best design and planning solution of any electromechanical project they desire.

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