Photovoltaic Systems

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Wouldn’t you like to minimize your electricity bill ?

Solar power systems can generate electricity and cover all the power needs of a house, business, public building or wherever else power is required. In recent years this type of space technology has become readily available to everyone and provides them with profit while preserving the environment.

A solar power system can be connected to the public electricity network or operate autonomously. In cases where a building is connected to the public network, the power generated by the solar system can be either sold to the network or used by the system owner at no cost. In either case there is profit to be made, the amount of which can be determined after a detailed technical and financial study.

Our highly skilled and experienced engineers are at our clients’ disposal to carry out a detailed study for a solar power system and offer the best possible solution with the highest profit.

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Is it possible to have power without a connection to the electricity network?

An autonomous solar power system is the optimum choice for electricity supply when public electricity is not available or is costly. It can be utilized to cover the power requirements in remote areas, holiday homes as well as in special cases, such as supplying power to borehole pumping stations. An autonomous system needs batteries to store the generated energy for use when there is a demand for it. In addition, it can be used as a back up power source (like a UPS) when power cuts occur.

Before an autonomous system is installed a detailed study of all power consumption must be carried out in order to avoid loss of electricity supply due to insufficient power.

Autonomous solar systems have many advantages, especially when they are combined with wind turbines, but it is necessary for them to be designed in detail.

Energy4you is capable of offering our clients the optimal autonomous system and cover their requirements for power generation.