Heat Pumps and Cooling Systems

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When someone is seeking the optimal choice for heating and cooling there is just one ideal solution- a low temperature heat pump, which provides up to an 80% cost saving in comparison to oil heating and at the same time offers the option of cooling in the summer. It is one of the most modern and suitable ways for the autonomous heating or cooling in houses, with maximum energy and cost saving at the same time.

Heat pumps can be categorized as the ones that use ambient air as a source and those that use geothermal energy as a source. Heat pumps that utilize ambient air, use its energy to heat a room through a cooling circuit. (like an air conditioning unit). Geothermal heat pumps transfer heat stored in the ground to a room in a similar fashion.

A heat pump can easily be combined and installed along with any existing conventional heating system and operate in parallel with it. It is capable of providing us with hot water as well. A heat pump can be used along with under floor heating systems for maximum economy.

Heat pumps can be connected to a Fan Coil unit to provide us with cooling in the summer. Furthermore, they are an ideal solution for heating swimming pools of any size.

We are always at our clients’ disposal, without any charge, to provide them with an accurate assessment of their space, with a full project study and planning and finally to provide them with equipment and installation costs.


Feel free to contact us and arrange an appointment in order to make an assessment of your space and prepare a technical and financial plan with the optimal solution that suits your needs at no cost.