Energy Saving

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Our firm is always prepared to undertake the project study of energy saving systems for new as well as existing buildings. We offer our clients proposals for sustainable solutions concerning the energy upgrade of a building shell and its electromechanical systems, with the aim of reducing energy requirements and, as a result, operational costs.

We try to find alternative methods in order to achieve the maximum technical and financial sustainability of a project. We are always ready to offer proposals for the optimal combination of solutions available to achieve comfortable ambient conditions in a building, while saving as much energy as possible.

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Upon our first visit we carry out the following procedures:

  • Visual inspection of the building and its equipment.
  • Recording of energy consumption of electrical equipment and appliances
  • Completion of a chart with all operation times of the equipment.
  • Installation of specialized equipment that will measure and monitor the consumption of electricity of the building over a prearranged period, usually a week.

Upon our second visit, a week later, we perform the following actions:

  • Removal of the monitoring equipment
  • Presentation of the analysis report of the building,which includes all electricity consumption data recorded and also a proposal of a plan to save energy.
  • Final discussion about the project proposal.

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Taking into consideration our potential clients’ needs for ample information on ways to save energy at home, our company has prepared a special offer package that includes the following:

  • Installation of energy consumption monitoring and recording equipment for a week.
  • Detailed recording of all lighting elements.
  • Analysis and processing of all recorded data, including the demand of energy throughout each day, as well as the demand of energy at certain times of the day in order to establish a consumption reference point.
  • Analysis of lighting consumption and the preparation of a technical and financial study of energy saving from lighting.
  • Presentation of all data analyses and studies followed by a final discussion with the client about the energy upgrade of the building or any additional projects for energy saving and the generation of power from alternative environmentally friendly sources.

We offer the above package for only € 30 + VAT. We ought to point out that all data analyses and project studies are carried out by fully qualified engineers.

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  • By installing a solar heating system for water we can save up to 2.5 times its initial purchase cost in 15 years.
  • The cost of the energy consumed by an old refrigerator over 15 years is considerably higher than the initial purchase cost.
  • Replacing conventional filament lighting with LED elements can save up to 90% of costs. Additionally, if we replace economy lighting with LED elements can save up to 40% and at the same time avoid health hazard risks from radiation.
  • Installing a heat pump for house heating can save up to 80% on heating costs.
  • By installing a roof mounted solar panel system for electricity generation, we can produce our own energy and minimize our bill for at least 25 years.
  • It would be wise to apply for the cheaper option of the reduced night tariff, from your electricity provider. This would save a considerable amount of money throughout the entire year.

We are at your disposal to carry out any energy saving project that suits your needs.