Solar Powered System of 9.75 KWp on the Roof of a Business Accommodation in Kallithea

    Installation of a solar powered system of 9.75 Kwp nominal power on the roof of a business accommodation in Kallithea.

    The solar panels were installed by our highly skilled technicians on the flat roof of a business building in Kallithea. The panels have a southward orientation for optimum performance.

    Due to the fact that the available space was small, we had to utilize specialized frames made by Alfa Energy, which allowed us to place the panels without any spacing between them. We installed 39 hybrid panels made by Sanyo, with a nominal power of 250 Wp each, that totalled a nominal power output of 9.75 Kwp. In order to achieve the maximum performance of each panel the system was finished with an SE 10K inverter made by the Israeli firm Solaredge. The inverter has a 12 year guarantee.

    • Annual income €7,500

    • Inverter guarantee 12 years

    • Solar panel guarantee 25 years

    • Lifetime over 25 years.