Solar Powered System in a Playschool in Kallithea


    Installation of a solar powered system of 6.89KW nominal power in the 2nd public playschool of Kallithea.

    This project was carried out during the renovation of the building that houses the playschool in order to create a prototype eco-friendly playschool. All changes applied to the building had minimum impact on the environment and yet covered its power requirements.

    The solar powered system was installed above all the windows of the building in order to provide shade and at the same time produce electricity. It consists of 26 solar panels of 256Wp nominal power each, made by the German Firm ALEO. They were positioned on two sides of the building and on both floors. In order to achieve the maximum electricity production an inverter made by SOLAREDGE was utilized. As a result the building had optimum energy benefit and performance.

    The solar powered system was connected to the electricity network following all NET METERING regulations and it is expected to save the local council over 30% in costs for electricity.

    Energy4you in collaboration with Georythmiki carried out the entire project in such a manner that it will be a perfect way to create shade for the building while electricity is produced with maximum profit.

    • Eco-friendly design
    • Reduction of costs for electricity
    • Shading of the building