Solar Panel Systems on School Roofs in Drama

    We carried out the studies, planning and installation of 2 solar panel systems of 9.87 KWp nominal power on the roofs of the 3rd and 4th upper secondary schools, as well as the 4th lower secondary school of the Municipality of Drama. The project was executed in collaboration with Georythmiki Co.

    All panels were positioned with optimum orientation in order to achieve the maximum generation of electric energy, and use the full capabilities of the equipment.

    We installed 42 polycrystal panels of 235Wp nominal power each which added up to a total of 9.87 KWp of produced power. The system was fitted with German made inverters, model Piko 10.1 by KOSTAL.

    The performance of both systems can be easily monitored online. The entire project was carried out taking into consideration all measures needed to ensure the safety of students.