Hybrid Solar Powered System in a Public Square in Gerakas

    Hybrid solar and wind powered system in a public square in Gerakas

    We installed an autonomous hybrid system to cover the power requirements of lighting in a public square in Gerakas, Attica. It comprises of 3 D Type vertical axis wind turbines of 300 W nominal power each as well as 6 solar panels of 250Wp nominal power each. We also used 4 charging regulators, one inverter and 8 slow discharging batteries. The energy produced by the wind and the sun is stored in the batteries and through an inverter it feeds the main control panel and finally the lighting elements of the square. This way, a reduction in electricity consumption costs is achieved for the council while protecting the environment. The system is expected to operate for more than 20 years. The total power of the system is 2.4 KW.

    Energy4you performed the study, planning, and installation of the system in collaboration with Malvasia Electronics.

    • Green energy
    • Cost free lighting
    • Lifetime over 20 years