Heat Pump in an Apartment


    We installed a heat pump made by DAIKIN, model Altherma Split 11KWp, to cover the needs of a 116 apartment situated on the top floor of an apartment block in Nea Smyrni. The project was executed as part of the “ I CAN SAVE” programme that allows us to use an alternative to oil heating by utilizing heat pumps for independent heating as well as cooling throughout the year, with a maximum saving of energy and costs.

    By utilization of the high temperatures Daikin Altherma split heat pump we can achieve up to 60% economy in a year and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions by 6.61 Kg/ m2.

    The project was carried out for Georythmiki Co.

    • Save up to 60% in energy and costs
    • Independency from conventional oil heating
    • Minimal maintenance
    • Reduction of CO2 footprint
    • Protection of the environment.