Heat Pump in a Greenhouse at the Technical University of Thessaly

    Supply, installation and interconnection of 2 heat pumps in the LIFE laboratory of Agronomists at the Technical University of Thessaly.

    Energy4you executed the supply and installation of 2 split type YUTAKI-S heat pumps made by HITACHI with nominal power of 29KW cooling and 32KW heating each in order to cover the heating needs of an experimental greenhouse at the Technical University of Thessaly. The project was carried out for the LIFE research project.

    This experimental greenhouse requires stable temperatures, depending on the season, to emulate ideal conditions for plant growth. This was achieved with the installation of the two heat pumps and with the aid of the already existing geothermal heat pumps. In addition, the installed system, can be utilized in the future development of greenhouses, in conjunction with the installation of a solar powered heating system. Finally, there is provision for a back-up power source (a gas or oil run generator) to cover power cuts.

    Our engineers carried out the study, management and supervision of the project for Georythmiki Co. They performed all necessary checks and adjustments of the systems for maximum performance and safety.

    • Affordable heating and cooling
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Fully automatic operation
    • Long lifetime