Autonomous Solar Powered Lampposts in Rhodes


    We installed 36 autonomous solar powered lampposts at bus stops in the town of Rhodes. Each post is 3 metres high and consists of a solar panel, a charging regulator, a gel type battery-which lasts for two days, two lights and a small frame where the bus route schedule is posted.

    This way there is no need for a connection to the Electricity network, since the system is independent. In addition, maintenance costs are minimal and the lifetime of the lighting elements is greater than 25,000 operating hours. Each solar panel has a lifetime of 25 years while the battery is expected to last for more than 7 years.

    The project was executed in collaboration with Georythmiki Co for the Municipality of Rhodes.

    • No connection to Electricity network
    • Minimal maintenance cost
    • At least 25,000 hours of operation
    • Environmentally friendly